County Clerk’s Office Operations Policy

Effective June 21st at Midnight

Governor Justice has lifted many restrictions in the state of West Virginia concerning Covid-19, therefore, the County Clerk’s office is removing some restrictions that we have had in place during the Pandemic.

We will no longer require appointments for record room access or for marriage licenses and we will not restrict the number of patrons in the record room or the main office areas.  We just ask that everyone respect a person’s personal space.  If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, then by all means continue to wear a mask but we will not mandate face coverings.

It is still a best practice to call ahead for Probating Estates to schedule an appointment and be informed on what you will need to bring with you to the appointment.  Probate packets may be requested and sent to you through email or regular mail.  Calling ahead will prevent you from making an unproductive trip.

This policy only applies to the County Clerk’s Office, which includes the Recording Dept. the Record Room, Voter Registration and Elections, Payroll and Accounts Payable and Probate.  Other offices in the courthouse may have their own policy concerning appointments and face coverings.