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Jackson County Clerk

Jackson County
Clerk’s Office

Jackson County, WV

Welcome to the official website of the Jackson County Clerk’s Office (Jackson County, WV). The Jackson County Clerk’s Office is the official repository of all records created within Jackson County. The Jackson County Clerk serves as fiscal officer of the Jackson County Commission and receiver of fees charged for instruments filed and recorded within Jackson County. In addition, the Jackson County Clerk is responsible for specific election duties and the management of all county records, including vital records (births, marriages, and deaths), deeds, wills, liens, and other records dating back to the founding of the county.

The primary goal of our website is to provide residents of Jackson County, West Virginia with convenient access to information, materials, and resources related to Jackson County elections, official county records, and the probate of wills and administration of estates.

Jackson County Clerk Responsibilities

Each county in West Virginia (except Hardy County) elects a county clerk whose responsibilities include the management of records of the county commission and certain election duties. The Jackson County Clerk’s office holds all county records, including birth, marriage, and death certificates, deeds, liens, wills, and more, since the county was founded. The county clerk and staff are responsible to manage the records of the county commission, as well as specific election duties. The primary responsibilities center around two basic functions:

Primary responsibilities center around two basic functions:

1) to act as clerk (fiscal officer) of the county commission.

2) to act as the receiver of fees charged for the instruments filed and recorded within the county.

To carry out the numerous duties, the clerk of the county commission may select deputies and other employees. The budget for the operation of the county clerk’s office as a whole is determined by the county commission.

Jackson County Clerk Duties

The duties of the Jackson County Clerk include the charge to:

Manage and Oversee Records

Manage and Oversee Fiduciary Duties

Manage and Oversee Elections