Jackson County Remembers Local Lives Lost

By Lincoln’s swearing in on March 4, 1865, it was clear that the final days of the Confederacy were drawing near. By April 9 with General Lee’s surrender to General Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, Jackson County had lost 62 men – 52 under the Stars and Stripes and 10 under the Southern Cross of the Confederacy.

Killed In Action – Union

  • Daniel S. Cumpston
  • Col. Daniel Frost
  • Elijah Hill
  • James Merriman
  • Thomas McPherson
  • Capt. Finley D. Ong
  • James Parsons
  • Daniel W. Pringle
  • Nathan Shinn
  • John Tolley

Died of Disease – Union

  • Jabez Ball
  • Wesley Barnes
  • Sanford Boyce
  • Simeon T. Cook
  • Hannibal Derenberger
  • Martin V. Hammock
  • Henry Hill
  • Alexander Justice
  • Samuel Lockhart,
  • John McKown
  • William H. Parr
  • George W. Priddy
  • William Rardin
  • Jacob Rhodes
  • James Savage
  • Thomas Shaver
  • Marcellus Stout
  • William Vandine
  • Benjamin F. White
  • David Sayre

Killed In Action – Confederacy

  • Strother Hartley
  • Ezra Sayre
  • Col. F. F. Smith

Died of Disease – Confederacy

  • Perry G. Evans
  • William K. Park
  • John G. Smith
  • James H. Trotter

Jackson County Civil War Memorial

This memorial statue watches over the Jackson County Courthouse square with the inscription, “A Memorial to the defenders of our country 1861-65.” Enscribed on the reverse, the letters “GAR” are assumed to refer to the Grand Army of the Republic.