Our Fantastic and Factual History

Any reference of the history of Jackson County would be amiss without a disclaimer on some of the fanciful accounts that, while intriguing, lack documentation. However, if your tastes tend toward the fantastic, you are invited to explore some of the legends, myths, and lore that encompass Jackson County and the surrounding areas.

West Virginia Folklife Legends & Lore Roadside Marker Program, a nationwide initiative of the Pomeroy Foundation, is partnering with the West Virginia Folklife Program to identify and install markers to commemorate culturally significant community stories, figures, and traditions, whether based on fact or fiction. To learn more or apply for a marker, please visit The West Virginia Humanities Council.

Explore Jackson County, West Virginia’s History

Actual historical accounts of Jackson County history and that of surrounding areas for which accurate, reliable accounting exists may be even more fascinating than its legends, myths, and lore – if at times dark. From the very beginning, our county has been inhabited by brave, independent individuals who encompass true mountaineer spirit. You are invited to explore the origins of our county, its landmarks, and the impact local residents have had on some of history’s pivotal turning points.