Jackson County is located in Appalachian foothills east of the Ohio River in west central West Virginia, USA. Like West Virginia itself, the county was founded as a result of the independent will and fortitude of the people. Jackson County was established via public petition to the Virginia General Assembly and named in honor of Scotch-Irish statesman, attorney, U.S. Army general, and seventh president of the United States, Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson. The honor was bestowed in recognition of his plight to support the plight of the common man against the “corrupt aristocracy.”

Charter and Boundaries of Jackson County, WV

Ripley, Jackson County’s bustling commerce center on Big Mill Creek, was chartered on December 19, 1832. The largest municipality in the County, Ravenswood, is home to 3,876 Jacksonians. With a total population of 29,211 (2010), Jackson County’s 471 sq. mi. area is largely bordered to the west by the Ohio River, with Sandy Creek and Mill Creek traversing the northern and central regions.

The boundaries of Jackson County, West Virginia are henceforth as described:

“Beginning at the mouth of Pond creek on the Ohio river; thence, a direct line to the west corner of Lewis county, where the lines of Lewis, Wood and Kanawha counties meet; thence, with the line dividing Lewis and Kanawha counties, to a point where the West Fork of the Little Kanawha river crosses said line; thence a direct line to the mouth of the first branch emptying into the Ohio river above Letart falls; thence, up the Ohio river, following its meanders to the place of beginning.”

Jackson County — A Wonderful Place to Call Home

Jackson County’s rich cultural and historical significance, abundance of comfortable accommodations, dramatic mountain and pastoral landscapes, amazing dining establishments, unique shopping opportunities, fun outdoor activities, festivals, and entertainment options in Ripley and surrounding communities make it a wonderful place to call home, as well as a top travel destination. Visit the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce to learn more about many of the attractions that Jackson County has to offer. Jackson County is a proud member of the West Virginia Association of Counties. There’s something for everyone in Jackson County!