The Steps of Probate in Jackson County, WV

The Jackson County Clerk’s Probate Office will assist you throughout the process of administering an estate of a decedent in Jackson County, WV. The first step that you must take to be appointed as the personal representative of a decedent’s estate is to contact our office at: 304-373-2251 or 304-372-2254 to schedule an appointment.

Documents to Bring to Your Appointment

Plan to bring all of the following documents with you to the Jackson County Clerk’s Probate Office. If you have any questions, please call us before your appointment: 304-373-2251 or 304-372-2254.

  1. An official certified copy of the death certificate.
  2. The original will (and/or codicil), if in existence.
  3. If there is no will, contact the office for further instructions.
  4. The full names and addresses of all heirs and beneficiaries.
  5. Valid state-issued photo identification (driver’s license, etc.).

Probate Packet

Appointment as Personal Representative of Deceased

During your appointment with our Fiduciary Supervisor, you will need to read and sign the paperwork to appoint you as the personal representative of the deceased. A Probate Packet is available for download for your convenience. Please call for current fees and payment methods accepted: 304-373-2251 or 304-373-2254.

Download Probate Information and Document Packet

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